Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

memeage #2

For some_stars: " five sex acts, with specifics (who's on top, positioning, time of day, mental state, particular body parts emphasized, etc.) you would choose if you could have five custom-made pieces of porn created for you?" Heh. She's such a lovely porny cutie. *hugs LC* But what's up with me? I'm FREAKISHLY shy today or something. It's not often I have a problem talking about kinks. I...I feel so exposed.

*in need of poshcat's raincoat*

Act: fucking
Top: John
Bottom: Rodney
Where: Atlantis, bedroom
When: some night after Rodney returns from being MIA for a year
Mood: loneliness, hurt
Close-up on: the back of his neck
Details: Loneliness and despair, the way his eyes threaten to spill over, John being tender and all-encompassing, John being straight except for how he's not.

Act: blow-job
Top: John
Bottom: Rodney
Where: somewhere semi-public
When: just after a mission
Mood: frantic
Close-up on: Rodney's mouth and mouthful and jaw and flexing cheeks
Details: Desperately needing to give head, coming with pants still painfully zipped up, more submissive than empowered but very greedy.

Act: frottage
Top: Ronon
Bottom: Rodney
Where: a hallway, maybe
When: some inappropriate time
Mood: startling
Close-up on: hips, hands, ass
Details: Ronon jacking Rodney up against his thigh, holding him so that he can't escape, forcing the friction on him, making him get himself off, and then losing it himself with his eyes falling almost all the way shut, and his breath coming in unexpectedly breathy little gasps.

Act: touching
Top: John
Bottom: Rodney
Where: in front of others
When: some formal dinner
Mood: loving
Close-up on: hands, knuckles, neck
Details: Rodney, with lasting trauma and haunted eyes, John so devoted that he flouts military regs with total indifference to consequences or what anyone thinks, a more or less formal dinner with SG-1 visiting, John resting his hand on Rodney's neck, running his thumb up and down his skin.

Act: three-way
Top: Rodney, Ronon
Bottom: John
Where: exotic harem bedding
When: whenever
Mood: lush
Close-up on: everything
Details: John on his back, Ronon pushing his legs up and fucking him, Rodney straddling him and riding his mouth, facing Ronon, both of them taking what they want and giving him what he wants.
Tags: kink, sga misc
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