Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

que sera, sera

I was feeling the need for a meme this morning, so I thought I'd invent one. Then I discovered I'm too lazy. As I was browsing the web, I did find this interview of ten random questions which kind of amused me, mainly because I thought: hey, what if you asked those questions of a fannish character, and answered in voice? And somehow these particular questions seemed uncannily suited to Spike. Though you could ask them of anyone, real or imaginary.

1. Have you ever written your name somewhere you weren't supposed to?
Carved my name on a Fyarl demon's back once. Bugger wasn't too happy about it, but he didn't complain for long.
2. Name an annoying song.
Er...once had 'Que Sera, Sera' stuck in my head for five years. Doris Day. Bint has a lot to answer for. Time was, you couldn't get away from her--try to catch a decent flick in the fifties and you'd get that fat, blonde face smilin' down at you. Scary teeth. Bigger 'n life. I thought about killin' her, but you know how it is. Something always came up.
3. Is it acceptable for aliens of superior intelligence to eat and experiment on lowly homosapiens?
Well, yeah.
4. Is it okay to tell little white lies to avoid causing someone emotional pain?
5. Did you try alcohol or cigarettes for the first time at a very young age? How young is young?
::lights a cigarette, then slouches back with a bottle between his legs, staring steadily at interviewer as if he suspects him of being barking mad::
6. Do you have any scars you're proud of?
::head tilt to show off eyebrow:: Got this one in China from a little girl in a bad mood. Got to watch out for the small ones.
7. Do you own at least one pair of black boots?
You ask fairly stupid questions, mate.
8. Have you even thrown up on someone in a public place?
There was some bad blood between me and a zombie once. You don't want to drink from zombies, but I was young. Didn't know better. Ruined a brilliant suit, too--brand new, just taken off a film star.
9. Would you rather be a taxidermist or a sword swallower?
'S a toss up, really.
10. What mesmerizes you?
::smiles slowly, stares off to one side:: Little bad moods.

Quite possibly, I am a dork and this amuses only me.
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