Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

and, oh man--

Go look at this amazing illustration that spaggel made for this wacktastic Ballet!Rodney post of mine. HE HAS LEGWARMERS. I heart it and hug it and hug her. *HUG*

And on the same post--it is an embarrassment of riches--kormantic wrote the must heartbreakingly adorable Rodney and Ronon snippet ever: "Ronon held out one hand, and in the middle of his mud-caked paw was an absurdly tiny little animal. Rodney leaned in closer and saw that it was some kind of mammal-- it was furry anyway, with a pink nose and the pissy little clench-eyed face and drunken shudder that Rodney associated with newborns of every stripe." Sweet Jesus. I don't know how I could love that more. I don't know how I could love *her* more. *squeehug*

ETA: AND this stunning photo manip of Ballet!Rodney by tardis80 which may cause blindness and/or joy, depending on how impressionable you are. *g* *love*

this is me cheering myself up
Tags: sga misc

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