Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

talking for the sake of talking, and sga recs

Rocking the Suburbs - Ben Folds
Common People - Ben Folds & William Shatner
Walking in Memphis - Cher
Loaded Gun - Hednoize
Iko Iko - The Belle Starrs
Fire and Rain - James Taylor
Somewhere Down the Crazy River - Robbie Robertson
Sway ("Dance with Me") - Michael Buble
This Girl Is Taking Bets - Thea Gilmore

Hindsight by rageprufrock
Chained by amireal
The Rain Gods, Part 3 by seperis
Kept by Ourselves in Silence and Apart by spike21
Close Encouters by amireal
Under the Sea by astolat
Rodney's Underpants by dvswraatins
Ring Out, Wild Bells by skoosiepants
Challenge #2 Untitled Entry by bethbethbeth ("It had looked nothing like a Howler...")

And many, many others I've saved here.

P.S. Freud is now offering Generic Viagra by e-mail. That actually seems strangely fitting.
Tags: recs, sga recs

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