Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Lend me my ears...

I need new music! Share your favorite song(s) with me in comments, and of course with anyone else who might want to grab it off YSI. Pimp your artists of choice. I'm sort of mainstream-to-alt-eclectic; I'm not too fond of thrashy bangy music, though. I like strong vocalists, energetic beats but also moody mellowish stuff.

Anything off "Dummy" - Portishead
Sway - Michael Buble

Rhythm Nation - Janet Jackson
The Girl is Taking Bets - Thea Gilmore
Iko Iko - Belle Stars

Sunburn - Fuel
Walking in Memphis - Cher
Closer - NIN

Loaded Gun - Hednoize
Somewhere Down The Crazy River - Robbie Robertson
Yellow Moon - Neville Brothers
Would You...? - Touch and Go

A Pirate Looks at Forty - Jack Johnson
Anything else off two most recent CDs - Jack Johnson
Heaven Is a Better Place Today - Tragically Hip
The Luckiest & anything else good - Ben Folds

I'm not sure what I can share back that'll be of interest, but if anyone can help me figure out how to get a text list of my Windows Media library, I'll be glad to post it.
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