Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


I had five days before I had to return to work, my fever lasted three, and I went through two sets of sweat-soaked bedsheets before I returned to human form. Now I've got just a handful of hours left before I begin a new year of work. I am of course using this time to do laundry.

I have three New Year's resolutions. I've decided that any more than three is just asking for failure.

1. Continue to improve my health.
2. Manage my finances.
3. Keep up better connections with people.

Many more specific goals fall under these headers, such as "branch out to other vegetables" (#1). For as Plato said, "All vegetables are by nature equal, made of the same earth. Can the earth produce vegetables of both greater and lesser good? It cannot. Is the broccoli a more useful member of the garden? Impossible. Contemplate the cauliflower. Is it not also edible?"

For New Year's Eve, from deep within the stuffy bowels of my couch, I rewatched the first season of The Larry Sanders Show, which is brilliant. You can get the first four seasons of The Flintstones on DVD, and pre-order season five, but you can't get more than the first season of Larry Sanders. Not much about the stupidity of the world surprises me anymore.

Now back to As the Washer Churns.
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