Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


My manager--charmingly British--is furious with the people who installed her kitchen range, and for some reason this translates into zesty, toothy energy that reads to me like high good humor.

I just requested all of next week off, with the goal of lounging and getting some writing done. Now I have to make it through this week to the promised land.

First substantial post from CC, under her LJ name, carolyn_claire. It made me smile, because dude. That's so completely where I was a year ago. I found BtVS canon completely self-sufficient, I saw no gaps requiring fan-fiction, and I didn't even find it especially slashy. I didn't feel the need to write or even *read* BtVS stories. And then one day, *snap*, the catalyst appeared, and it turned out to be my next big fandom in every way.

My hamster wheel is squeaking: lunch...lunch...lunch.


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