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sunday evening noodling and an sga rec

The ratio of stories I think about to stories I write is probably about 20:1. Today I imagined Elizabeth/Rodney/Teyla. And even pictured a little moment of Teyla being warm and sweet as she convinced a skittish Elizabeth to carry on with the relationship, and then there was kissing--and Rodney wasn't even in the room! Uncharted territory for my fantasies.

Despite the limited time I have that doesn't stretch to cover all the things I want to do, I spent two hours today starting a spreadsheet of SGA recs. Because how can I properly rec stories if I don't have a spreadsheet? No, seriously. Shut up. There are columns for title, author, date, length and format, rating, pairing, genre, timeline, and keyword summaries. I taught myself how to make drop-down list menus.

Today I am a fan.

I have a little crimp in my ass from sitting at my desk for so long today. I know I got some other stuff done because there is clean laundry on my bed and I own no house elves, but none of that other stuff was writing. Now I'm trying to decide if the butt-crimp is tolerable, or if I should get the hell up and...yeah, then again, a lack of Sunday evening alternatives may render that question moot.

When I asked for Rodney/Elizabeth recs, I got some good ones (more are welcome); in particular, a rec from lydiabell for Once Upon a Time in Moscow by ljmckay, which is incredibly good. To recycle my feedback as a rec:
This is extraordinary; the voices are pitch-perfect, and I love the atmosphere that this creates for a possible backstory between them, with the combination of the exotic--Moscow in winter, the party at the foreign ministry--and the mundane--Rodney working in his lab, shopping for American food--where in fact the mundane isn't really mundane, because he's working on the Stargate project, and the fact of that is just so wonderfully *there*, taken for granted, with no big deal made of it, even though Rodney can't say anything about it to Weir. The way *he* takes it for granted within the story itself is equally cool; it's his work, it's what he does, but his bond with Weir is established over shopping for Snickers bars, and how she laughs at his jokes, not over any smug enigmatic references he might make to his very important work.
I love her Rodney here. This story made me incredibly happy--and I didn't even mention how much I loved her use of Russian. I'm always so envious of people who can use other languages in stories. I'm monolingual and despite some college-era stabs at Italian I don't think that's ever going to change.

Unrelatedly. I've been having impulses lately to post voluminous everyday minutiae--like, page upon wittering page of unremarkable thoughts, lists of things I've read and watched, fannish social chatter, trivia that has stuck to me like lint, et cetera. Nothing's stopping me. I'm not inhibited from talking about myself. This LJ is a three-year testament to that. I just don't think the things rattling around in my head right now are particularly interesting. Instead of this, I give in to the overwhelming urge to provide "real" content, cake instead of birdseed--meaning that I've been feverishly pushing myself to scribble storyish bits.

Hmm, yeah.

I really need to add the words "rec" and "wittering" to my Microsoft Word spellcheck dictionary.
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