Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

this day shouldn't have sucked so much

You know those spammy, mundane posts that give you brief updates that are irrelevant to your own life, like, "Am tired, blah blah, sleeping now, blah"? Yes! Hello! But this has some SGA content, so some of you should keep reading. But read every word! You get 3 points for each "a", 5 points for each "k" and so on.

But first, an important question--who on my flist was recently mourning the loss of chocolate-covered pretzels? Identify yourself!

I'm incredibly tired after three unrestful nights in a row. I've gotten almost nothing done so far at work this week blah blah blah and have to come up with something to show for my time by tomorrow.

Also, I discovered that some fuckwit on the janitorial staff threw away several things of mine--posters, gym clothes, knick-knacks. I was still in the process of unpacking after our move and I'd temporarily dumped all this into my cubicle's recycling box. And, okay, I didn't label it to say "PLEASE NOTICE THAT THESE ARE PERSONAL ITEMS OF VALUE AND NOT A BUNCH OF CRAP MEETING HANDOUTS ON RECYCLABLE PAPER." I assumed that anyone with the mental acuity of a cabbage or greater would know not to empty the box, which was set against the back wall along with other unorganized stuff. I gave too much credit to the cabbages.

But not everything is stupid.
  • At lunch I found the felt-tip pens I've been looking for. The heavens opened up, a ray of light illuminated them, angels sang. Ink may redeem me.
  • Briefly and perversely energized by my distress over that "recycling" fuck-up, I paid several late bills.
  • I have the last two SGA eps downloaded to my laptop to watch. At the moment I'm still steeping in the anticipation.
  • Dinosaurs.
  • The icon on this post.

And then there's a particular SGA John/Rodney story I have to mention, In Shades of Indigo and Violet, by out_there. I adore this story. I'll be leaving feedback for the author, but I wanted to rec it too. When I read this the first time a week or so ago, I had one of those heart-expanding feelings of happiness, the kind where you realize I love fandom *SO* much! It's wingfic. Shut up and click!

Since then, I've had winged Rodney in my head. My own winged Rodney--I'd love to write that story. I'd love to write many stories. There are a lot of things I'd like to have. I don't want a pony, but I want a lot of ponylike things. If one of them is wanting to write, does that mean I want to be a pony?

It's questions like these that mean I should really get some sleep.
Tags: life 2005, sga recs

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