Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Monday is a giant space leech, but you knew that.

I'm in my new office! I have a tenth-floor view of the industrial district, including what someone described as the "meth tunnel." I can't tell yet if I'll be able to see Mt. Rainier when the sky clears. Turns out, too, that difficult choice of desk positioning and view was moot; the Sound is only visible if I lean and crane my head; the actual view just sitting in my chair normally is of Qwest Field. Yeahhh, no. So I am faced in the opposite direction, the web-surfing-friendly one.

I really have nothing to say, but I don't have that settled feeling yet. It's all "New office! Where are the vending machines?! Oh, look, magnetic lamps! Argh, how do I adjust the volume on this frigging phone?!!" I'm not in work mode.

And now I point out various bits of comment fic and wittering:
  • Various tongue-in-cheek threads on this post that cover Joe Flanigan's colorful past and David's crush on him. Kiddingly. If I really introduced RPS to SGA, everyone would point to me with pinched expressions and whisper, that's her, the one responsible for soiling and degrading a once golden fandom. And I'd be terribly anxious and sad, or at least roll my eyes a lot. But I couldn't really slash David Hewlett, because he is all that is good and clean in this world. Unless he divorces his wife girlfriend and starts getting arrested for dealing coke, and then he's fair game, and he should totally go into rehab and play a lot of basketball with Joe to sweat it all out, and then they're in the locker room one day, towels low on their hips, and hey, I don't even know if Joe is married. [ETA: Yes!] I could be in trouble. [ETA: In fact, it seems very clear that I'm going to hell, where there will be no doughnuts or caffeine.]

  • If Rodney were a soldier he and Ronon would terrorize the mess hall staff.

  • Helen's much earlier post on her painful love of Rodney McKay and what he'd be like if he were in the military and John were a scientist. LOVE THIS! The post and the comments. *glassy-eyed happiness*

  • Girl!John in a bikini for panisdead.

I'd also rec many great new stories, too, *right* *now*...if I weren't going to lunch.
Tags: sga misc, wittering 2005

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