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Alias: Authorized Personnel Only, Part 1

Just a friendly reminder--DO NOT SPOIL ME FOR ANY OF ALIAS SEASON FIVE OR I WILL CRUSH YOUR HEAD. *crush crush crush*

I love the beginning of this when Sydney pulls Brodien into the bathroom and gives him a quick and dirty makeover with the skillful application of filth, a piercing, and a ripped shirt. One of my favorite scenes ever from the show--well, one of my favorite minor scenes. Tres cool.

Scene: Locker room. Vaughn: "Thanks for coming." Weiss: "Thanks for sweating." Yeah oh yeah. That never gets old. And Weiss invites Vaughn to stay with him! He's all, come live with me, and be my boyfriend, and I will cook you omelets and let you cry on my shoulder and give you manly, understanding back rubs. Yep.

Scene: Syd heads to her new black-ops agency digs for the first time. I always find those elaborate Rube Goldbergian entrance routines rather amusing--like, that's her commute *every* day? Yeahhhh. Spies! We are spies!

Oh, snerk--Syd walks in and discovers that her dad and Vaughn and Dixon are all there ahead of her, and hey, look, here's Sloane! Poor Syd. And the set-up here strains credibility--as, well, so much does on this show, so why mention it. But still, I'm thinking: what, they wouldn't want to feel out Syd's feelings about working with Sloane *before* bringing her on? Like, they did all this recruiting with each of them keeping the others in the dark?

Mmm, Vaughn stubble. And no necktie. Guhhhhhhh. He is *so* hot in this episode. He is flammable.

Unstable isotope! Rendezvous on a train! Green fountain pen! Snerk.

Jack is Mr. Intense, face tight, eyes narrowed, watching Syd's reactions.

Sydney's new apartment is architectural porn. Want. It.

Vaughn! Leather jacket! She doesn't return his calls! Woobiefication is happening here. Why is she rejecting him? HOW is she rejecting him? Oh Sydney--take it slow? You masochistic little fool.

The whole scenario with the chemist--let's just be clear how lame this is. But it doesn't matter, because: VAUGHN IN GLASSES! VAUGHN IN GLASSES! VAUGHN IN GLASSES! With an accent! Sorry, yes. Where was I. Oh, yeah, staring at Sydney's breasts. Our Lady of the 1001 Outfits, we adore you. Her little bottom is cute too.

Heyyyy, baby. Handsome Evil Spy guy is coming on to Vaughn. "Haven't I seen you somewhere before?" Oh wait, he's not too happy. I guess Vaughn's not going to have to pull a Sydney Sex Doll routine. Too, too bad. And I think this is actually the point when, watching this episode the first time through, I had that thought--why do the men in Alias never have to do any seducing? At least, I can't remember any scenarios of that offhand, and definitely no hot man-on-man action. I know I'd remember that.

Mmm, I like the hungry reunion lovemaking set to U2. Great song. And even though their post-coital responses seem a bit tepid, and Syd apparently never took off her tee-shirt, I like it that they're together again.

We learn that Jack came to see Vaughn with a message for Syd. "Why is your father talking to you through me?" Vaughn, come on now. What you *should* be asking is, Why did your father come to my door at one a.m. in a black leather jacket with a trumped-up excuse for his visit?

Scene: APO briefing. Vaughn is still styling as Secret GQ Agent Man. He's like, Hey, they want me to go black-ops? Well, then they can just deal with my wild-ass rebel tielessness! Whereas Sloane's doing that incomprehensible upturned collar thing that I never figured out.

First mention of Rambaldi! Take a drink! Oh, wait. I don't drink anymore. Possibly what I need for moments like this is a bowl of M&Ms.

Scene: Jack trying to pass on another message to Syd through Vaughn. Didn't catch the dialogue. Was staring at the hotness of Vaughn through a hormonal haze as he's firm and resolute with Jack. No Jack, I won't be your carrier pigeon. And he walks off and Jack's face is *super* angsty. We've seen him guilty before, but his usual façade is showing cracks here; he looks as if he came into work after peeling himself off the couch from a weepy marathon of "All My Children" and five pints of ice cream.

And we cut to credits.
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