Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


I watched Land of the Dead this morning. That's what I do. Saturday morning: wake up, eat a potato, lie on the couch, watch zombies attack the city. I have a new crush now:
"Jennifer Baxter ("Knockaround Guys") is always recognizable at Big Daddy's side as Number Nine, a blond, track-suited corpse with one cheek missing and the habit of cocking her head when confronted with new ideas." -- Reeling
Oh, Number Nine. If I were leading a zombie army on Seattle, you'd be my right-hand girl.

Zombie movies always leave you with more questions than answers. A town full of zombies wandering around plaintively, waiting for the ice cream truck--what do they subsist on until it arrives? It's not like they're *cannibals*. But they keep staggering gamely from one day to the next, learning to play the tuba, keeping the lawn mowed. And what's the deciding factor between whether you become a zombie or zombie kibble? I guess it's how quickly you can sprint away when mortally wounded. Because if you don't pick up your bitten hand and run, you won't be intact enough to reanimate. They'll rip you apart and slurp you down like Ramen noodles.

Mmm, Ramen. Time for lunch.
Tags: movies
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