Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

thought of the day: dinosaurs

Someone mentioned this site recently. I'd seen it before but hadn't wandered through the archives. Now that I have, I find that again and again it expresses the thoughts of my soul.

"My mouth has a nice fresh taste in it this morning! Skin is not too itchy! I am looking forward to a gooey feeling beneath my feet! Soon!"

Meanwhile, my team will be in a new building Monday. And I discovered that I needed to make a crushing choice:

  • Position my desk to look out over a slice of Puget Sound, scene of lovely sunsets, OR
  • position my desk facing the entrance so that I'm not constantly anxious about how a manager could wander in and peer over my shoulder and see me staring at Rodney's mouth.
Damn it.

I chose Web browsing over the water. For now.
Tags: wittering 2005

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