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Anna S.

some thoughts on angel season five

Simple thoughts, having finally watched most episodes in the second half of the season.

Fred's death: on one level, I couldn't connect. I mean, I just have trouble connecting emotionally to things on TV the way other people seem to. On the other hand, I was like: *nooooooooo*, god no, wtf, Joss?!!! You bastard! It was sad and awful.

Alexis Denisof spent the last half dozen episodes--hell, maybe the whole season and the one before--proving his burden of manly angst by never raising his voice above a whisper. It's Wes's 20-decibel angst. I mock because I--well, I just mock. I like Wes, but I thought he lacked vim in the latter half of season five, and of course in the first half he'd lost his memories and was more like Wes of yore, Wes 3.0 (versus raw and angry Wes 4.0).

He gets his memories back...and never says a word to Gunn. Am I right? I didn't blink and miss anything, did I? That was an especially ironic smack in the face when Gunn says to Angel:
Do you know what the worst part of that place was? Wasn't the basement. At least there, you knew where you stood. Demon was gonna cut your heart out and show it to you. Nah. It was the fake life they gave you upstairs. The wife, kids, all the icing on the family cake. But somewhere underneath it, there was the nagging certainty that it was all lies, that all the smiles and the birthday candles and the homework were just there to hide the horror. Is that all we're doing here--just hiding the horror?

Illyria was kind of a hoot. I wish I could find that post someone did where she's a customer service phone rep or receptionist. Does anyone have a link to that?

Angel and Spike: very gay, very old married couple. Joss and David and James were clearly having fun with that.

They shredded Spike's duster! ...and then got him a new one. *sigh* I still wish, probably bucking the fannish tide, that they'd changed his character more after he got resouled. Skewed him a bit back towards William, given him a different look and feel. Because for one, we know that his entire lower-class attitude was adopted and unnatural. Granted, he's spent a hundred years refining it, but with his soul back, I feel like some of it would have fallen away.

JM aging. Aging vampires in general. I'm really glad I finished watching the season with eighteen months' worth of emotional distance.

I probably seem like a terrible Spike fan. It's not that love is gone. I pretty much always had thoughts of this kind. I just try not to shove my more negative thoughts at fandom at inappropriate times, or at least not too often. And fan-fiction is a filter through which I sift away dross and irritations. Also, I'm just a wuss.

Lindsey: He was given the thankless job of exposition boy, explaining everything. Eve, too. And, Marcus Hamilton. (Adam Baldwin! Yee.)

The big picture, the Apocalypse (Lindsey: "*the* Apocalypse"), the convoluted explanations for it all that we came to expect from Joss: yeah, whatever.

The end of things: I liked it; I thought it was wrapped up very well. Wes dying was painful, and the solid certainty of it would be hard to get around in fan-fiction unless you went AU--though, then again, there are so many Hail Marys in the Jossverse (as Spike points out when they're trying to save Fred) that it's not out of the question. Ditto Gunn.

Really, though, it's hard not to believe that they all went down under the tide of demons that hit them. That was Angel's whole point--a kind of kamikaze fuck-you finger to the senior partners and TPTB.

And in conclusion: Evil puppets! o.o
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