Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

how is it only 3:30?

In my world, we are pantsless and it's time to go home.

On my desk I have a rock that says "Carpe Diem." It has a nice heft and edge to it. You could totally seize the rock and bash someone on the head with it and laugh as they fell twitching to the carpet.

No, I'm fine, really.

I'm feeling a bit perkier; this new medication may be starting to kick in. Could be helping. I'm kind of up today, and not taking the Adderall. Not entirely focused, but I've gotten some work done. I was tired and aimless this past weekend though, so...not sure yet.

A few days ago I got some really nice feedback on "No Man Is Born an Angler" and realized that all this time I'd had it posted on my site as "No Man is Born an Angler." Because apparently I thought, "I know it's a 'be' verb, but it's so short, why bother capitalizing it?" So. Very. Embarrassing. Shame, shame, eternal shame.*

And now I'm restless. I mean, I became even more restless while writing this post. And my need for chocolate intensified. Also, twelve minutes passed, bringing me closer to the Time to Go Home.

(*And then I got the subject line of this post wrong. Ha ha...ha.)
Tags: hard stuff
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