Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

SGA: Poisoning the Well

This is duller than it should be. Interesting idea, so-so execution. This ep really needs a B-plot. I remember being impressed the first time around that they let human experimentation with a terminally ill patient take place. I think that was when I briefly thought, "Wow, as a spin-off this is a darker universe than SG-1." I don't really think that now. The experimentation is still a cool plot point. It just doesn't compensate for everything else that's meh in the episode. It's a very Star Trekky episode, using a well-worn set of building blocks for its plot and character elements. I want newness! Also, one meta-joke about Carson as a present-day McCoy doesn't elevate his characterization, and a whole ep centered around him doesn't do much for me. Not when the plot developments are stock and predictable.

I'm so mean!

By the way, I said a week or two ago how I'd finished watching up through "The Lost Boys" and been disappointed, but I don't think I put that in context--I was only talking about the last five eps of the season to date, which I was catching up with. Not that I have much to say about it at this moment, mainly because I no longer remember in any detail what bugged me so much, but I just wanted to belatedly clarify that. Because I'm a deeply paranoid person and would hate to alienate all of fandom with a few careless words.

*mutters 'Mercury in retrograde' again*

PSA of the day: Don't eat popcorn after coating your shoulder with Ben-Gay...without having washed your hands thoroughly first. Not that I think anyone in the world but me would do something so lame. But still. I'm here as your example.
Tags: fic 2005, sga eps, sga fic

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