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hey, look.

Major Lorne is on a 2003 episode of SG-1, "Enemy Mine." Nice casting continuity.

I'm so glad that SG-1 parodied itself with the credit sequence of "Wormhole X-Treme." Because man, its credits are such The Cheese. Especially that first shot of Daniel where he turns his head and purses his lips at the camera OMG SO INTENSE AND DASHING. *laughs*

I go back and forth on Weir. Sometimes she's superbly tough and slaps Sheppard down as she should, or tries really hard to. Other times--and mostly I think I noticed this in season two--she annoys the crap out of me with her less than relevant contributions. Except that I can't think of any examples at the moment, so my observations here are rather lame.

In "Hide and Seek" Weir makes a comment about how John's "one personal item" is the football tape, which is almost immediately contradicted by the shot of him in his quarters with "War and Peace." I'm amused by the idea that someone told Weir she could only take one item, while everyone else packed a trunk. Either that or John smuggled the book through the gate in his pants. Or, oh, maybe John said forlornly to Rodney how he wanted to bring the tape *and* the book and Rodney was like, "Oh hey, just stick it in this box of computer peripherals." So cute. Rodney the Love Smuggler.

Rodney was so tough in early eps. Well, sporadically. But when he was tough, he was tough-tough. Kick-ass cutie tough. Like in "Suspicion" he helps drag John through the gate, and then he's all: "We *have* to go back and rescue Ford and Teyla!" And you can tell he's raring to go himself. Later, he psychs himself up to catch a Wraith with the rest of his team. Plus of course there's his manliness in "Hide and Seek" and other moments that I'm forgetting now.

John is such a dork telling the Athosian kids about Jason, the hockey-masked killer. Wait, let me re-emphasize that: SUCH A DORK. Hee. And wow, he does try really hard to sell himself as a manly football fan, doesn't he? You protest too much, John. You're very very gay.

There are no words for the hotness of John in his all-black outfits with the thigh holster. No. Words. And that early scene when he's on Teyla's homeworld, talking with her in the tent--she says that Sumner looks right through her, and John looks at her and says, "Do I?" Or something like that, because really, it was hard to focus on anything except the FREAKING HOTNESS OF HIS DARK INTENSE GAZE. *whimper*

So--we never actually do see John invite Rodney to be on his team, do we? Or did I blink and miss that? I know I've seen an invite scene in stories, but for some reason I thought there was an actual canon scene.

Those are my random thoughts of the moment.
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