Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


This seems to be the topic du...semaine?

I was kinda surprised by how many respondents to my last post wanted threesomes. It's weird because, in my fantasies, I do imagine a fair number of threesome scenarios and they're usually pretty hot too, albeit in a non-consensual and raunchy "fingercuffs" sort of way. But I don't think of it as a kink of mine, where I'd be like, Gah, need to find X/Y/Z fic--why does no one write this?!! Especially with relationship fic, or male/female/male love sandwiches. I think I have a bit of a bias against those sandwiches, because I've read so many stories where the guys never even touch and that's just zzzzzzzzz. And once you've got three people in a bed, you're bound to notice when two of them don't get it on. At least I do, which eventually distracts and irks me, and then I finish the story and sigh, and...well, once as a result I drank heavily and threw myself off a bridge to land belly-down on a passing tramp steamer, which carried me overseas to Thailand, where I became a transvestite junkie prostitute and had three children out of wedlock to a local mob boss, before returning home a broken woman.

But usually I just sigh and go read some hot male-on-male action to pep myself up.

It's time for me to go home but I'm loath to move. Loath. That's kind of like sloth. I'm sloth to move. And I can't stop playing with this slinky. The smell of pink plastic is getting kind of special. I've taken to rubbing it against my cheek. I hope no one in the office notices, because I barely notice I'm doing it myself and my reputation is precariously balanced already. Today I rescued a cookie from the carpet under my desk and ate it in front of someone. Five-second rule, but still. I can't tell if P. was looking at me funny or not. He was wearing seventies-style smoked sunglasses indoors as we conversed.

I just want to teleport home. Teleport...teleport...teleport.


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