Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

sga recs, for the woman in you

The Perils of Rodney McKay by madd4the24. I'll link to my comment on the story, because otherwise I'd just be repeating myself, and that would be a tragic waste of time that I could be using to do critically important and life-affirming things, like stacking pigs.

Anon-a-fic-a-thon-a hosted by dvswraatins, in which anonymous users post comment fic, mostly SGA, though one is a Jack/Daniel snippet with the immortal line: "Teal'c's a lot like Maggie. I mean, he's not a yellow baby, but he's silent and wise." So true.

helenish kills me by imagining hot Wraith!Crazy Rodney rescuing John from dishonor. Plus Radek with a taser. Yeah. (ETA: And then myalexandria kills me by writing this.)

And then there's resonant8's new story Quiet, which you've already read, because you're savvy and on the ball and it's Resonant. Right? It's also John and Rodney and hot, and has one of the best backstory explanations I've seen so far for John's mad bj skillz.
Tags: recs, sga recs

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