Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

panic attack of the day

I am terribly behind on noir. I am behind on sidelines. Soon I am going to reviled, abandoned, and forgotten by everyone except for a small band of dedicated Spike/Lorne shippers. I will be writing these series for years to come, until I go mad, mad, mad! How much madder can I go?! I am insane already and I suck! I need a week off to write, except I probably wouldn't write, and then I'd suck more!

I suppose I could have posted this on radio_kfkd, where all good writerly core dumps belong, but the results of my last post there left a bad taste in my mouth.

I should turn off comments, but no. Instead, I say--don't love me. Don't reassure me. What I want instead are suggestions for the next writerly project I should launch that will distract me even further from my current commitments. Variation on a meme. Tell me: what should Anna write?

  • Spike/Lorne--Splorne!
  • Spike/Water Buffalo!
  • Xander/Tara!
  • Whore!Spike
  • Slave!Spike
  • Whore!Slave!Insane!Seething!Bitch!Spike
  • The one where --------------------.
  • Willow/Tara/Xander/Riley!
  • Tara/Water Buffalo!
  • Ohmigod, I've just been waiting for you to ask me this question--let me beg you to write this story idea for me while you secretly change your name and flee the country in terror!
  • Two words: Anime. Bunny.
  • Other

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