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hello & gen SGA recs

I blinked and was gone from LJ for almost a week. It's just that, you know, sometimes my brain is eaten by weasels I have nothing to say. Actually that's still true, but hello.

In another fluke, even stranger--almost unprecedented--I've been reading gen. Right now some of you are marking your calendars with a red "X" to commemorate the whole pig-flying, hell-freezing occasion. It's not even that there's no good slash to be had; it's just great gen. Maybe I'm growing as a person.


Mmmyeahhh, no.

gen SGA recs

Brevity by iamsab -- I left a comment on this story that might serve as a rec, though for a lot of people it's rec enough simply to realize that Sabine wrote SGA. Yay!

Different Kinds of Magic by anthropomorfic -- It's not at all difficult to imagine John as a young wizard, slouching at his desk in a rumpled robe, daydreaming of the blue sky out the window, driving Snape crazy, ditching his robe the moment class ends, rushing off grab his broom and hit the Quidditch field*. Actually, that's not what this is about, but the story makes me happy and it makes me go there. (*And okay, they wear robes during the games, but still. Humor me. He's a slouchy little teen with rebel hair.)

Just a Hangover by miss_porcupine -- A really cool, absorbing story that kaleidoscopes several of the characters through a single event. It's the kind of deep, multifaceted study of a "small" experience that you don't usually get in a TV show itself. Which is why there is fan-fiction.

Grapple by kitestringer -- Rodney and Ronon. Grappling. Labeled gen. Rated G, even. But my imagination had no trouble extrapolating from this. And there's this one line of dialogue in there, delivered by Ford, that just blows me the hell away. You should know it when you see it.

Separate Salt from Sand by wickedwords -- Pain! + Angst! = Rachael Sabotini. Or something like that. *g* And okay, I grin now, but did I mention the pain and the angst? The familial ensemble spirit here is lovely.
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