Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

the before-bed fast-lob sga rec

beth666ann wrote an SGA ficlet through John's point of view, about Rodney and fear and hotness. I think it's the first SGA she's written, which means that you should go fan the flames. I mean, fan them anyway. But that'd be an especially good reason.

Yes, it's my duty to put people on the spot for more writing, all the more so when I'm not writing myself, so that I can lounge on the veranda, feet up and iced tea in hand, and pull my Panama hat a titch further over my eyes, and take a nap, content in the knowledge that writers more inspired than me are toiling out in the sun, hunched over their keyboards, sweaty fingers trembling in exhaustion as they try to think of another word for "smirk."

There should always be one last good bit of writing to read before I go to bed, regardless of what time that is, so that I can coast toward my pillow and hope for happy dreams.

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