Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Lie to me. Tell me it's Friday...

I thought I'd take a moment to summarize my responses from the story follow-up meme, in case anyone wants to read them without picking through comments.

roquelaure had the audacity dashing valor! to poke at me about noir despite my grumbles. ;) I replied very vaguely here.

A few people asked about In a Dark Time. I followed up here, somehow forgetting the name of my own prior story, which was already called In a Dark Time: Ascension (itself a sequel to the the first IDT story) so I'm not sure what I'd have called the next bit, but there you go. Then I pasted three more copies of notes about it here: one, two, three.

The Woods
A few people also asked about The Woods. I posted a long document of notes about where this was going to go. It remains ambiguous, a direct reflection of my brain at the time. And, er, always.

Throwing Shapes
herself_nyc asked about Throwing Shapes, and I replied with some aimless thoughts.

Thanks for your kind thoughts yesterday. I give everyone sleepy web hugs, like a hedgehog prodded into gratitude.
Tags: fic 2005, writing

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