Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

good things and recs and the blahs

sherrold came over Friday night, finally successful in getting me to be social for a few hours. I pimped her Nip/Tuck with the pilot. I went back and looked at my post about the pilot, in which I was so o.O that I could do little more than bullet all the swear words and envelope-pushing elements. I'd forgotten the doggy-style sex scene.

The Girl Is Taking Bets
We also watched about two-thirds of the Vividcon vids, most of which I hadn't seen. Several were outstanding, but the one that blew me away was killabeez's Alias vid, "The Girl Is Taking Bets." It's a Sydney vid and I feel completely inadequate to express how brilliant it is. I mean, I couldn't possibly overstate it. It's perfect. Perfect. Not many things are perfect. I don't think I ever use that word in a rec. (The song is stunning too.) If you're a Sydney fan, you should take the time to dl a player if you have to, dl the vid over dial-up if you have to. You can find it at this vids page. Scroll to the end. You can leave Killa feedback here.

(Note: You may need to adjust your player settings to compensate for darkness. I couldn't get my copy to render with the crispness and lucid color it had on TV, but it came through with solid web quality.)

I have memories for SGA recs, 94 from October alone. I don't always leave feedback like I should or give things a specific rec, even the most deserving. I used to create rec pages. Maybe someday I'll have that puppyish energy level again.

spam art (ETA: this being my favorite of the day)

Jack Black
A really nice person sent me the files for Tenacious D, which is dirty and wrong and hilarious. As I listened, I thought: Jack Black is the musical equivalent of a fan-fiction writer. He has a brilliant voice and real talent but instead of using these to create Works of Art for mass consumption that will be taken seriously by critics, he uses them to please himself in the pursuit of having a fucking good time.


Meanwhile my blues and blahs continue. I failed to call my psych guy about meds last week. I know I need to, but the Catch-22 is that when I feel spiritless and flat, it's hard to pull out of that dive by doing what needs doing. It's been a while since I felt this bad. I was drained like a vampire victim for most of the weekend. And I'm neglecting important stuff. Bills mostly. I have dozens of them to deal with. And at the same time I keep hemorrhaging money. On the upside of that, the spendiness has combined with my winter nesting instinct to brighten up my apartment, and I keep having brief but whirly Tasmanian devil cleaning frenzies. See icon. See also:

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