Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Jack/Vaughn: aubergine, wedded, schlep for jack_pride

Similar to how fizzy neon-colored juice drinks might contain about ten percent actual juice if you were lucky, wedded bliss was often less than completely blissful once you subtracted for schlepping each other's dry-cleaning, passive-aggressive negotiations for real estate in the bedroom closet, spats about saving electricity, as if turning off a lamp when you left a room was one of mankind's cardinal virtues, and the wear-and-tear of L.A. commuting. Also, there was nothing wrong or even particularly femme about buying an aubergine shirt. Reaching this conclusion with lips firmed, Vaughn topped off the gesture by buying a pumpkin-colored tie, which he planned to hang on Jack's tie-rack as soon as he got home, just to drive home the point.
Tags: alias fic, fic 2005, flashfic 2005

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