Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


I just had an extremely strange moment. I walked into the living room, and glanced at the TV, and my heart skipped and revved up into almost frantic excitement--it was just some very ordinary scene from "Spiral," but for about three seconds my brain flashed messages to me: Oh my god, there's Xander! And Spike! And Buffy! They're on my TV! In color--and it's real, they're acting out stuff--they've *filmed* stuff of Spike and Xander and Buffy, and the entire Scooby gang! And the characters are *exactly* like I pictured them! It's so exciting!

It was as if I'd become so accustomed to a reduced, recontextualized Buffyverse that exists in my head and as words on a page, that I'd entirely forgotten that they actually filmed over six seasons' worth of episodes. With, like, actors.

Clearly? I need to watch more television.


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