Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Simon/River/Kaylee: careless, atonement, delirium, for mistakency

It was the secret he'd never intended to share, but he'd been careless and left the door to his hutch unlocked that night with Kaylee, when the delirium of spores they'd picked up on Red Post was heavy in their veins, and River had crept in--there was no way to tell how long she'd been watching; he noticed her presence when she chose for him to, when she slithered across the floor to kneel by the bedside, shedding her gown along the way, and then she was stroking Kaylee's back with a look of longing on her face. Kaylee had moaned happily, and Simon could deny River nothing. Now he tries to make some kind of atonement, but he doesn't know how or to whom--to River, to Kaylee, to God?--and he knows his shame hangs like a pall over the three of them, turning everything wrong.
Tags: fic 2005, firefly, flashfic 2005

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