Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

I am going

It took a final push of five hours, one order of cashew chicken, an amerimisto, a Diet Pepsi, a pink stuffed bear, several long loud playlists, and approximately 114 M&Ms to get this project out the door, but it's over. Now all I have left to do is...everything else!

I was going to post another 3-sentence thingy, but somehow got sidetracked for the last hour by--again--google images, and holy motherlode of god. You have to see this Web site. It is an extensive collection of stunning, crisp, exquisitely colored photographs from around the world, and it just goes on and on. (Image-intensive, obviously, with full index pages, but individual images aren't particularly large.)

By the way--not that anyone *has* spoiled me, but I haven't caught Alias at all yet this season, and it may be a while before I see it. So if anyone spoils me for Michael's storyline or anything else, I will find you and chop you into tiny pieces and feed you to hungry lemurs. Be. Warned.
Tags: websurfing

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