Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

as the polls close...

I'm fascinated by the poll results. I knew there'd be a solid show of support for Angel S5, and for SGA, but that's about all I could predict. The results tell me a lot about current fannish trends (or at least, trends in the Venn subset of "fans" and "people who read my journal"). Big damn Doctor Who enthusiasm; and of course Firefly is riding the post-movie swell--I should have expected that. Also a good showing for Nip/Tuck & MST3K. You are my peeps, yo.

But nobody wanted me to watch Profiler (sniff) even though I'd just finished the episode where they killed off [SPOILER]. That was crushing. That's why I had to stop for a bit. It was just so bitterly cruel of them. Bastards. THEY KILLED KENNY! Except for how his name wasn't Kenny.

Annnnyway. Only five of you wanted me to watch Alias? Dude. That's sad.

I give bonus hard-core Hewlett fan-points to wickedwords, z_rayne, and sp23 for their Boa vote. And boniblithe, kumi, and delmi correctly divined my need to watch Seinfeld, which is what I did. I needed to giggle witlessly for a few hours while making a poster of steamed groats. (Don't ask.) Several smart people also said "Up with zombies!" Others whispered "Rollo Tomasi," which is intuitive, as I've been fantasizing about BudWhiteAndRodneyShutUp!!!! And _divya_ reminded me that Due South should have gone on the list, because I have most of S3 on DVD as yet unwatched.

I also forgot to include 24 S1 (::waves to sherrold and anaxila::), which I just bought.

You all fascinate me!


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