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I am dead of cuteness. Do not mourn me.

I was crippled by the adorable DH and now I am totally SLAYED BY BABY ANIMALS. Because some_stars turned Rodney into a baby sea turtle. And Radek into a lemur. And then there was a panda...and a kitten. And... --> *dies*
quotes & links

"I thought I was allowed to annoy McKay."

"You are," John said, which was true; he'd asked permission specifically. "Just...wait till we can figure out if he's still sentient or not." (Rodney)


"It was a very nice thought," Teyla said, "but we prefer the major in his human form." Somehow things like that always sounded completely normal when she said them. (John)


"Rodney," John said, "he's a lemur. He doesn't have a will." (Radek)


McKay glared down at him from the armchair he was cruelly refusing to share with John. The intense desire to sit on McKay's lap was another new development, and John figured he'd probably be more worried about it if he didn't seem to be incapable of worrying about anything at the moment. Ancient puppies were apparently very relaxed. (John)


"Yes, Colonel. I brought a kitten specialist to Atlantis for just such an occasion as this." (Ronon)


Ronon leaned over her desk and scooped Teyla up, depositing her back in his shirt pocket. (Teyla)

Also, you are all fired, because no one on my flist linked to this. Not in BIG BOLD CAPS for attention impaired people like me. And also I am fired because I didn't have lcsbanana on my ljradar before now.

I may have to retitle my LJ at last. I'm thinking, "Wombats make me happy."
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