Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

a little Spike & Xanderness


Spike rubbed a thumb across the knife blade, tipped his head, squinted thoughtfully as he planned his next cut, then struck--the petal design of the blooming onion was all in the angles you chose.

He was so focused in concentration that he barely noticed when Xander entered the kitchen with Dawn, but the nipper chanting "Cheetos, Cheetos, Cheetos" cut through his thoughts--her voice could be as effective as a knife at times, and he admired her for that.

Xander came up behind him to deliver a kiss and then hooked his chin over Spike's shoulder, hands sliding around to rest on his belly, and suddenly the onion that had been defining his evening was far less imperative.

onion, thumb, chant for kalpurna


Spike sometimes thought that submission to love was inked in his blood, a contract with the devil someone had signed before he was even born that decided and defined his existence--mother, sire, beloved, loves that ran hot or cold depending on the day but always shaping his every response. From across the room he watched Xander, his teeth itching for a prick and his prick itching for something else. He couldn't decide if this was love; right now he felt a submission only to himself, but he knew that could change in an impulse; save the boy's life at the wrong moment and all the ashes in him could rekindle to fire.

submission, ink, blood for ladycat777

Another day, another day of skiving off....

ETA 3, and a little Riley/Angel.

The man never had a bad hair day--hell, he never had a bad clothes day or combat day; he also never had an expression, really, except a vague twitch in the vicinity of his eyebrows that Riley had learned how to read. Angel was a book Riley had never expected to read, or want to read, a bedtime story that should have made his skin crawl and given him nightmares--had once--but here he was, hunting with the guy for demons in North Dakota, because that was the job of the day, and now that the world was post-Buffy, the men who'd known her came together and looked to patch over the empty hole she'd left. Lying down with the demons wasn't the craziest thing that could happen; somehow Riley thought that everyone had to learn that sooner or later.

bad hair day for anglopollyanna
Tags: angel fic, buffy fic, fic 2005, flashfic 2005

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