Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Jack/Vaughn: cold, black, carved for keewick

In his elegant impeccable suit, Jack looked a bit like the Maltese Falcon, a cold, black figure with a carved stare that vowed intrigue and death; people's paths veered in an unconscious instinct to avoid him. But when Vaughn saw him, he felt his face light up from inside; the din and glare of the crowded airport faded, the late hour didn't seem late, and the rain pelting the windows was a pulse instead of a storm. In the moment Jack's eyes met his, Vaughn no longer had to hold himself aloof, and he blended into the living world again in welcome.

I admit it, I'm posting my favorite pairings.
Tags: alias fic, fic 2005, flashfic 2005

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