Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

why my AUs never get written...

Last night I was thinking of a mirror universe storyline where John, Elizabeth, Lorne, and Zelenka are forced by parallel Evil!Them through the dimensional mirror into a randomly chosen parallel universe, and have to collaborate with their counterparts to get home. And my AU!Rodney...yes, well:
  • His parents emigrated to the U.S. when he was three
  • His parents died when he was five
  • His foster parents were ignorant losers
  • His foster father molested him
  • He built a nonworking nuclear bomb when he was eleven
  • The FBI took him from his foster family and placed him with a colonel who'd career-hopped from Special Forces to Special Projects
  • He bonded so intensely with his new dad that his heart became set on following in his footsteps and joining the Special Forces
  • Having gotten a master's degree or two by the time he was eighteen, he enlisted and...etc etc.
  • Emotionally damaged and rather childlike, he doesn't flinch from snapping necks and knifing throats
  • But the powers that be persuade him into Special Projects and then the Stargate Program...
  • ...on his condition that they keep him fed with occasional black-ops work on the side
  • And he and John find each other and live happily ever after
  • And then there might have been a montage of maniacal stick-fighting set to Tool's "Forty-six and 2" with close-ups on AU!Rodney's ripped muscles and scars

But you still respect me, don't you?

OH GOD YOU DON'T RESPECT ME! *flees the Internet forever*
Tags: kink, sga misc
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