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14 October 2005 @ 01:54 pm
the pairings remaining...  
Fraser/RayK: exorcist, sour, freefall
Zelenka/Ronon: revelation, cranky, sweetness
Kaylee/Inara: comfort, crimson, scribble

Riley/Angel: bad hair day
Mal/Simon: pen, greedy, wine
Spike/Connor: juice diskette pavement
Jack/Vaughn: cold black carved
Skinner/Mulder: scrape, sleek, llama
Giles/Willow: curry, lady, dictionary
Jayne/Simon: chocolate, red, nine
Buffy/Jack Bristow: harmony (or Harmony), ice cream, pretty

Jim/Blair: tractor, horseradish, Taos
Xander/ Spike: stadium, slate, silk
Simon/River/Kaylee: careless, atonement, delirium
Spike/Xander: thumb, onion, chant
Rodney/John: fluid, hand(s), light-headed
Methos/Faith, title: "Five by Five-Thousand," lonely, liar, shepherd
Spike/Xander: submission, ink, blood
Jack/Vaughn: widdershins, beguile, torrential
Jack/Vaughn: manumit, frittata, argent

John/Rodney: late, cold, grief
Rodney/Ronon: cold, tree, yellow

Rodney/Radek: cheap, soft, frustration

You guys are awesome and hilarious and your words are occasionally callous and strange, but I love it. *g*
girlguidejonesgirlguidejones on October 14th, 2005 11:54 pm (UTC)
I had stadium, slate, silk.

Stadium came from watching baseball in bed. Slate came from a piece of wall-art in my bedroom while I was typing, and silk for my pj's. I actually sat there and thought, and thought, and thought, struggling to come up with three interesting words and couldn't. *L* Finally I forced myself to simply take the first three things I noted from my immediate environment. The alliteration was a bonus, I guess.