Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

skirt, curt, screw, shard, shears, carnage...etc.

Word of the day: incarnadine. Flesh-colored; blood-red. "Via French and Italian from Latin caro, (flesh). Ultimately from Indo-European root sker- (to cut) that's also the source of words such as skirt, curt, screw, shard, shears, carnage, carnivorous, carnation, sharp, and scrape."

tragic dreams of sunglasses, classwork, and eggs
Last night I dreamed that my car floated away, taking my sunglasses with it. I was more concerned about the sunglasses, so I chased the car through a canal until I was under a viaduct where dark caves faced me. The possibilities therein made me nervous--the car was lurking in one of them, possibly along with other unnameable things--and I fled without rescuing my glasses.

I also dreamed that I was a member of a huge class led by a guest speaker, a scientist who'd assigned us each to do the same complex task, which involved using a magic light to explicate the meaning within an organic pattern--ones of our individual choosing, such as from books, pictures, and so on. Everyone else had a source and was already far along in their work while I flailed, trying to find something to work from. I finally found a map in a gift shop, which was rather brilliant of me, I think--you know, naturally winding rivers and topographically contoured hills and whatnot. Go, me. But then my car floated away.

There was also a horrifying interlude where I took a job in a restaurant where I used to work during college, thinking: no problem, it'll be a snap to get back into the swing of it. Then I discovered that they'd covered the potholed and skeletally raftered floors with a flimsy layer of linoleum, and there was shin-high water that we were expected to wade through. And of course I couldn't get the eggs to flip unbroken, and the customers were sitting there staring at me and waiting for their meals and talking about my incompetence.

and then, fantasy
In a fit of het, I found myself thinking about Rodney and Teyla last night. Can someone rec good R/T fic, that is *not* part of an OT3/threesome? Because it'd be sweet. No. Seriously. Oh, fine, mock me.
Tags: dreams

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