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I'm really more and more glad I gave this show another chance. Watching "Blue Highway" now. This cracked me up:
SCENE: A chop-shop auto-parts yard at night during an FBI raid, Julian McMahon as John; Robert Davi as Bailey.

A car horn blares and a bright light shines in their faces. Bailey ducks and reaches for his gun. John pulls his own weapon and steps forward, aiming at the light shining in their eyes.

JOHN: Federal officer. Don't move!

(The flashlight tilts up toward a man's face, casting shadows from underneath. It is EMMETT, a homeless man, who stares uncertainly into space and appears not entirely present in the world the rest of us share.)

EMMETT: (slowly) Don't shoot.

JOHN: Then don't move.

(JOHN tucks his gun away and kneels down to search EMMETT.)

BAILEY: What are you doing here?

EMMETT: (slowly) I'm Emmett.

JOHN: Got any weapons on you, Emmett?

EMMETT: I got a frog in my pocket.

(A frog ribbits.)

JOHN, turning to look over his shoulder at BAILEY, deadpan: So you do.

transcript cribbed from defunct source & edited
Tags: profiler

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