Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

The One with the Fungus of Youth and the Sex-Change Machine

"Posts I've been meaning to make...."

And then, I almost forgot, there's the story with this dialogue that I'll never write:
"I realized something today." Rodney shifted away and stared at the ceiling. "I'll never be able to resume my career. I mean, I could publish but I'd have to become a recluse. Dr. Rodney McKay, the J.D. Salinger of astrophysics."

"That would suck." John was quiet a moment, then said, "You know, the government could give you a new identity."

"'The government.' I love how you say that as if there's only one."

"The Canadian government then."

Rodney made a grumpy blatting noise like a failure buzzer on a game show. "Sorry, you should have said, 'The Canadian government, of course'. But it's not a bad idea." His tone turned musing. "I wonder if I could persuade people that I'm my own daughter."

"Oh, hey--you could spell your name R-a-h-d-n-e."

"Cute. Why not i-e. Then I could dot the "i" with a little heart."

John rolled onto his side to gaze at him, suspecting he'd just missed an eye roll. "You know, by the time we get back and re-settle on Earth, the program might have gone public."

"The SGC comes out of the closet. Those odds are about as good as a colonel coming out in the military."

John glared at him for the unfairness--it was at least halfway unfair--but it was lost on the other man, who continued talking past the moment when John might have rejoined with indignation.

"Even if they did," Rodney said, "I don't think it'll further my reputation to become known as 'That guy who got rejuvenated by a fungus and sex-changed by alien technology.'"

"Valid point," John admitted.

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