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monday is a beehive

  • I haven't slept in a week. Almost literally.
  • I haven't been to the grocery store in three weeks, but it turns out you can live indefinitely on delivery pizza, café sandwiches, and cookies.
  • I've been working late into the evenings and coming in on weekends, not so much because of some sudden conscientious drive to sweat and toil, but in a kind of funked stupor.
  • This site proves that I can spend hours at a time--feckless hours--staring at David Hewlett's face and Photoshopping him unto the last hurrah, my record being twenty subtle and pointless variations of a single image using image adjustments and filters. Saved variations, of course. Unsaved tweaks are even more minute and endless. My current wallpaper:

  • Google image search is also dangerous and I now have 20 pictures of Julian McMahon, fortysomething of Viggo, and a hard-to-explain 7 of Ron Perlman. I have a rich and heteroclitic fantasy life. Strangely, heteroclitic doesn't mean anything like what it suggests.

    Posts I've been meaning to make. The one where I:

  • Ramble about how first-season Profiler is still good. Popcorn watching. Serial killers. Julian McMahon.
  • Create McSweeneyesque absurdist stories from spam subject lines: This Secret Built a Small Empire; Re: Octavio; The Fit Go Half Renaissance; Marina, the Russian Girl; Get Your Own Replica; Stun Her with a Rolex!
  • Quote from Pearls in Vinegar: The Pillow Book of Heather Mallick.
  • Muse on how Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection aren't as terrible as I remember, and how Sigourney Weaver is ridiculously hot.
  • Show off new icons.
  • Rec approximately 50 SGA stories.
  • Yawn and grumble.

    subject line from googlism
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