Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Charmed: Power Outage

You know, a hallmark of poor writing is when exposition is on a time-delay--you know how you end an intense action scene, and then you cut to a day later and someone asks a question that they should logically have asked right after the action, like, "By the way, how did you do that cool trick that sent that demon flying through the window?"

Lame-ass dialogue. Witch says to boyfriend, who is secretly a demon trying to destroy her: "It's a fine line between love and hate." Cue Dave Barry: HA HA HA HA HA.

You know, they do have continuity, I have to admit, which is pretty amazing in a crap show.

Phoebe leaps up in a laughable Matrix-like way to kick LeoThazar, and ohmigod, it's the Revenge of the Second Assistant Camera Man as we see the most unflattering, puffy-trousered crotch shot ever.

Wow, Holly Marie Combs sucks at getting angry. That's the worst fake rant ever. The people playing her neighbors are much better and manage to convince me that, indeed, here is a first-class crew of assholes.

Phoebe crying, "I had nowhere else to go." Almost affecting. Cole's chin on her head as he comforted her and brooded on his own culpability. Mmmm. I do love a tall, hunky man in a wife-beater consumed by conflicting impulses of good and evil. You know, if I'd watched this on the first go-through I think I might have fallen for the big doof; it's sad to watch this knowing that he'll come to a fiery, pointless end three seasons later.

My *god*, that's one ugly closet he took his knife from. Yes! Kill Phoebe! Kill Phoebe! (She writes in real time.) Ooh, baby. And ew, baby, she almost licked his hand. I think that was meant to be erotic, but let's face it, this is Alyssa Milano. Also, she's wearing about three inches of make-up in this ep, and her skin is breaking out.

I swear, the bitch kisses like she's eating cornflakes.

The ending! Revenge of the Son of the Magnificent Bastard! (Surely Balthazar is the devil's *other* son, right?)

Oh, and dude--I just turned to "Friends" and it's the AU one, where they all have different lives. (Was that a two-parter? Hmm.) I know all the "black-face" arguments against emaciated Hollywood actresses putting on fat suits, and I have some ambivalence and issues with that, but still, I'm sorry--this ep amuses the fuck out of me. It's rare that shows have meta-fun like this, and do it well. Just like Buffy, they went as far as reinventing new credits for the ep. Hee. Besides, I thought the Monica/Chandler AU romance was the Sweetest. Thing. Ever. (And Chandler in glasses, with the backwards baseball cap. Awww!)


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