Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

one of those days

When I just can't focus. Also, note to readers: having "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" playing in the background as you try to work is not conducive. I liked this when I saw it in the theater. Now all I can notice is the dubbing, and the bits of clunky poetic dialogue, and the wacky flying. Not sure how I feel about it now.

hecatehatesthat got me thinking about story bunnies with one of her posts. I think I shared all the unwritten crap from my hard drives, but there remains a bunch of stuff in my head drive that I haven't done anything with. Like the AU where Spike is the one cursed with a soul instead of Angel or gets a soul in some other way, a century or so back--and eventually ends up working with the Council of Watchers. And he comes to Sunnydale with Giles as part of a two-man watcher *team* (which makes so much more sense, don't you think?); Giles handling theory and policy and all that edumacated stuff, Spike handling combat training. And Spike is filthy rich, because hey--if you're going to write about A Boy Called Mary Sue, you should go all the way. And he has a big mansion that takes the library's place as slayer central, and the poor, terribly lonely vampguy (whose past lovers have all died) falls for young, sweet high-school age Xander--jail bait!--and in the course of time woos and shags him.

Clearly, it's just going to be post after post from me today, yadda after yadda.

I will now glare at my help documentation ferociously and work, work, work, damn me.

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