Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

saturday night

Wow, hello world, I feel like utter crap today. Possibly Prozac withdrawal. After discussion with doc, I went cold turkey in order to start Strattera (drug interaction) instead of tapering off. It could explain some things. How fun. I'm just a gift basket of complaints and disorders. This afternoon the last few vapors of my recent mania evaporated and I crashed hard and napped like a dead dog. Finally dragged myself up but am too tired to leave the apartment even though I have no food. When I get like this it can become a vicious circle; I can't make myself do anything, and so I become more lethargic, and then I can't make myself do anything, etc. Still, 139 days of sobriety, I haven't lost my job, and...I just stared at the monitor for about a minute, but there's definitely other good stuff, including fandom. End of pointless self-indulgent squall.

I'm watching Batman Forever right now. Bad music, bad jokes, bad banter, Bat Nipples, Nicole Kidman vamping like an insane thing in black lingerie, Jim Carrey carrying his homoerotic hero worship above the sublevel, into the brazen sunlight of text, riiiiiight over the top. It is trashy and amusing, but it has moments.

So, dropping even deeper into the mundane, I have these two questions I've been holding onto and want to turn over to the web mind:

1. Can someone recommend a good popcorn air-popper? Mine always spits a load of unpopped kernels into the bowl, and leaves plenty in the machine too.

2. I have a new sonic toothbrush; at least a few times during each brushing it starts to stutter--I think that most of the time it's just that I'm using too much pressure, but sometimes it seems to happen for no good reason. Is this just typical of sonic brushes--has anyone had a brush long-term that does this, or is it likely that it's a flaw, worth the trouble of exchanging it?

Random Pessoa quote of the day: I am the outskirts of a nonexistent town, a prolix commentary on an unwritten book. If I could write one book of sentences like that, I could die happy.
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