Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

SGA instarec: Lingual by Nestra (Rodney/Ronon)

Sometimes the best rec is just to:

- Wave a hand feebly in the direction of the story
- Sit carefully down on a chair and breathe until the blood begins to return to your head
- Wait for the hyperventilation and dizziness and whimpers of squee to pass
- Discover that you're still rather speechless
- Give up on words and jab a finger impatiently toward the story
- Stagger to your bunk

That's my excuse for being inarticulate, anyway.

(You might think that writing a 75-word rec is articulate, but you'd be wrong. Accept your wrongness! Move on!)

(Also, I'd like to note that I made puppy eyes at Nestra and convinced her the world was in jeopardy if she didn't write this story, so keep that information in mind for your own extortion attempts.)

How many posts is this so far today--17, 42, 64?

Oh my god, I'm just going to get a monkey and give him this computer.

bed now

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