Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Oh my!

I came home from work (because, FIRE!) and put on the TV for background noise and there was nothing to watch on, like, 400 cable channels and then as I was flipping I saw "Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place" on WE (Women's Entertainment). It's a show I've never watched more than a few eps of (e.g., ASH's guest appearance) but I was aware that Ryan Reynolds starred in it, and I adored him in "Coming Soon," so I tuned in. And eeeee! Nathan Fillion was also a regular of that show!*

It's the coolest thing when time passes and people's stars rise, and then you go back and find them in other things--sometimes stuff you never watched, sometimes stuff where they just didn't catch your eye. (You early adopters, of course, can always brag you knew them when.) Harry Groener (Mayor Wilkins) was on an old ep of "Charmed" last night, too, though I have to admit, the weight of bad writing pretty much pulled him down to their level.

So, home is where the Anna is. Must work for a while, and then figure out how to blow off the rest of my day.

(*In this particular ep, a Halloween ep, the characters were all cursed in various ways and his wife grew a penis. And lo, there was much gender-goofing. NF: "I love my man-wife!")


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