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23 August 2005 @ 04:13 pm
mixed baggage  

News flash: TUESDAY

"Vacuous" is a great word. It can mean "emptied of or lacking content." I don't know that I'm lacking content so much as cohesiveness. I haven't emptied myself of content, because if I had, you'd be reading new stories from me. Stories that don't exist in written form, so forget I said anything. Except that I've made new strides in predictability by entertaining myself with Rodney/John slave scenarios for the last several days. This pairing might be the first one where I can go either way on who wears the pants and who wears the collar. Kind of curious.

Um, and, there was a loony Rodney pon-farr thing going on in the last story I nourished up there in the drafty attic of my brain, which also has weak floorboards.

It was actually pretty funny, the differences in their styles of enslavement. Both scenarios were set in an SGC-supported universe. Rodney buys John--who was dishonorably discharged into slavery for disobeying orders--in an auction for the sole reason of spiting some military nemesis of his who'd once cut off his funding. He then promptly forgets he's even bought John, who is delivered one day to his Antarctic lab while he's in the middle of an experiment. He waves him into a chair and ignores him. When Zelenka calls Rodney's attention to John several hours later, Rodney stares at him blankly and then says, "Do you know how to make coffee?" And it proceeds from there.

Slave!Rodney 1.0, though, was sold by his mother when he was young, then suffered through a series of indifferent owners. By the time he's passed on to John, he's become a deeply anxious and damaged man, quick to flinch, desperate to appease his new master. But his intelligence has been exploited, so at least he's been able to practice science, etc etc.

Slave!Rodney 2.0 was forced by law to remain mute in public and learn sign language.

Slave!Rodney 3.0 was the kinky pon-farr version.

Further details will not be shared, because I am face-palming with both hands and can no longer type.

*begins typing again*

So I started my selective! norepinephrine! reuptake! inhibitor! oh god yay! A.k.a., Strattera. It won't kick in for a while, though, so as you can see...I'm alternating between staring off into space and wittering in LJ, and trying to make what little work I'm doing sound like a lot. I hate this. I'm really trying to focus, but my attention keeps drifting away from my 36 open work-item projects.

Staring, wittering, lunching, icon making...

I went looking for Sentinel screencaps, and stumbled across tons of them. So...wow. I'd forgotten how close Jim and Blair always stood to each other; how they gazed incessantly into each other's eyes; how Blair always cocked his head at Jim as he listened to his master's voice like an adoring spaniel; and how, alternately, Jim would stare at Blair like a Doberman straining for a chop of beef.

In most fandoms, vidders will be working with the source material and say something like, "I just need *one* fucking two-shot for this clip! They never give me a two-shot!" Which is a camera shot of two characters close together, both of them clearly in the frame--talking, sitting, whatever.

The Sentinel is ALL TWO-SHOTS. It's just unbelievable. All fandoms should be so gay and so lucky.

I created this icon using a screencap from Starfox's "Dead End on Blank Street" gallery. I suddenly want to see that episode again.

Also, to the kind & patient person who wrote to me about TS eps: if you are reading this, please forgive me. I still have the tapes sitting in a pile, waiting to be mailed to you. I will try to get myself together soon.
Trobadora: Rodney *hides* by kate98trobadora on August 24th, 2005 04:21 pm (UTC)
Um, you don't know me, and I'm here via friendsfriends, but I'd like to tell you that your slave!Rodney 1.0 has been occupying my brain as well. *g* Fannish hive mind, right?
Anna S.: john-sultryeliade on August 24th, 2005 04:45 pm (UTC)
The fannish hive mind is an *amazing* and highly cool thing, because one can always live in hope that somewhere out there, someone is writing the wacky story idea in your head so that you don't have too. *g*
Trobadoratrobadora on August 24th, 2005 05:10 pm (UTC)
Don't I wish! Hell, if I were more of a writer I'd write it all mysself, but alas, I do better with non-fiction.