Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

random fannish drive-by love

spikedluv has been watching due South lately and posting episode comments--Dr. Longball, Easy Money, and so on. So I made a new icon for myself. I make an icon now for every occasion. I wake up in the morning, I make an icon. I trip on the sidewalk, I make an icon. I get premenstrual, I kill a few people, and then make an icon.

This weekend, a lot of people are off in Chicago partying with llamas. But like the rest of you, they'll probably be watching SGA and posting about it, so that's something.

Meanwhile, I'll be:
  • Starting a new medication. Doctor: "I should mention that this does cause nausea."
  • Working on stuff I didn't finish today at the office to meet immediate project deadlines.
  • Continuing my five-day premenstrual trend of eating an unholy amount of crap, including more brownies than I've eaten during the entire previous calendar year. Which is, okay, three. But there were cookies too. And today--I can barely bring myself to confess this--I had, for lunch, a crumpet with cream cheese, Nutella, raspberry jam, and almonds. I then slowly sank to the bottom of the ocean.
But now I'm going to flee my cubicle, commute across town with the aliens, and work out.

I still haven't answered comments on my weighty post. My neglect does not reflect on my love for you. I still haven't done my taxes either. Or returned those video tapes from three months ago. Or paid my bills. Or excavated my mail from last Christmas.

Quite simply, I need more elves.

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