Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

one cup of coffee down

I am not getting enough sleep lately, and it's making me dopey.

This morning I contemplated a Meta Anna quiz for my LJ readers with leading questions like, "Do you find me intimidating or do you realize I'm just a big dork?" and "Would you like to see me write anime fan-fiction, and by the way, what's your name so I can put you on my Special List?" and "Does it bug you when I say 'Heh'?"


"Heh" is actually a careful word choice. Because grins sometimes don't want to surface, and "Hee" is too squeaky, and the idea of "LOL"ing at myself is disturbing, and "Snerk" has a bit of an edge that isn't always appropriate to a comment. But sometimes you want to contextualize what you're saying with the implied message: Yes, I *am* aware that I'm a bit of a dork. Now there. You have a trade secret into the crafting and maintenance of persona.

I need something to read. Preferably a nice chew of S/X that I haven't read before. But I'd also read an S/A story that hits my caretaker kink--where Angel is protective of a damaged Spike, or growly and territorial and tender on his behalf. I haven't seen much of that at all; Reposession gives us that version of Angel, sorta kinda, but it's got that melodrama thing going and I want a taste of authenticity.

God. Must go to a stupid departmental meeting. I'm off.
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