Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


What a great word. What an apt, apt word.

I swam for the first time in years on Saturday--sixteen laps with a mouthful of chlorine. Yay! And then shot baskets. And then did some weights. I itched to wear myself out.

mea culpa
A year or two from now I'm going to look back on my recent posts and think, "Oh god, SHUT UP." And also: "Panty-liners? WTF?!" Incidentally, "apologia" is also a cool word. It'd be a cool name too. "This is my daughter, Apologia--she attends Barnard. She's double-majoring in Medieval Studies and Art History." That was my alternate life.

thought of the day
The soul does not cry out for yogurt.

last time I was merely being figurative
I accidentally doused my shoes in gasoline this weekend. They are, literally, hosed. They are also highly flammable, like my thighs. But as with so many other occasions--Thursdays, paychecks, ennui--this is an opportunity to buy new shoes.

quote of the day
PM: (lethargic) "Hello."

Anna: "Hi, P___? This is Anna in _______."

PM: (lethargic) "Hey."

Anna: "Hi, I was told you were assigned to take over this project and I wanted to check with you on where the launch date stands."

PM: "I hope to launch this week."

Anna: "What day are you shooting for?"

PM: (long pause) "I'm not sure. I haven't looked yet to see what's left to be done."

Anna: "..."
By kormantic. I'm a little surprised I can't scroll down my flist and see 20 collared Johns at a time. Come on, people.

my morning
Madeleines. A flower-shop daisy. Comfy jeans. Tracy Chapman. And now someone is offering me banana bread. And merryish is back!

I am less moody.

*kisses everyone*
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