Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

flying cats and other things

last night's dream fragments
* Me, stark naked, in a shop where I studied myself in a mirror, appraising a purse I was thinking about buying
* My foot bleeding pus while I was in a stadium; I had to go to Chinatown to treat it (I'm sure the symbolism there is obvious, oh sorry, no, I meant, WTF?!)
* A menacing figure stalking me through underground tunnels
* Same menacing figure morphing into a serial killer and pursuing me through office complexes
* Significant elevator rides
* The complex maneuver of trying to catch a train
* The extended family motif again

Seattle has an annual Poetry on Buses competition. Winning short poems are posted on placards along the inner bus walls. The last line of one I read this morning was a self-descriptive phrase: "time lost and less remaining." So cool. I'm actually not sure what I think of the rest of the poem, content-wise, though the language is good. All current poems are here, if you're interested.

I ordered some more megavitamins again. I've decided on one more product test before I commit myself or forget about them.

I'm on Ritalin, right? So (a) it's not very effective, and (b) it seems to be raising my BP as much as the Adderall did. :>P I'm cranky, and so far at work today I've done, oh, let's see...nothing. Except read LJ and DL "Blue Bayou" from iTunes. If it were Friday, I wouldn't feel so bad about this, but it's WEDNESDAY.

Flying cats. Stuff on My Cat. Thanks, other people, for the links. God. Can you tell my brain is on half-power today? Pffft.

I keep saying how I want to rec some great SGA stories, but if you wait for that to happen...well, there are no consequences except for disappointment. But I do have a bunch of recs/story links in memories, including links to other people's recs posts. I actually found a few great stories yesterday that I hadn't read before. Fannish miracles do happen.

Today at the Crumpet Shop, one of the owners said, "I haven't said good morning to you yet--good morning!" And we exchanged hails. A minute later she came over and said, "You'll probably think I'm sappy, but I just wanted to let you know that you're meaningful to me, and it's always good to see you..." Something, something. Those weren't her exact words; I'm rendering what she expressed badly, and maybe making it sound weird, but it wasn't. It was kind and unweird and sweet.

I love that place. I've been going every day, twice a day, for the better part of a year now. I made them some mix CDs recently. I've managed to learn everyone's name, even though I suck at remembering names. (At a meeting yesterday, I forgot the name of someone I work with regularly, and I think he knew it. Also, there's a woman who greets me by name every time we meet--I have no clue what *her* name is. Gah.) But anyway. The other day, the Crumpet Shop owner's son said, "Did you know that I rap?" I thought he was joking. *g* But he said he was in a band and did a kind of alternative rap, and that he'd give me their CD when it was finished.

This is my daily randomness. It strikes me as the kind of anecdotal wittering that should be of interest only to someone who shares a bed with me, but hey, maybe some of you are reading this. *kiss*
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