Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Seattle's rainy, must be Tuesday.

It is the epitome of rain. I want a sandwich, but I don't want to walk out there in the chilly spit to get one. Lunch prospects are dwindling as the day lengthens.

Great meta thread here on a chicken-or-egg question regarding multifannishness and LiveJournal. Be sure to read lexluvsclark's Top 10 list as well.

During a Perl class today I valiantly batted away distracting, Spandery slave fantasies, which kept going for my throat like rabid dogs, or like the fanged death bunny from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Spike, unsouled and seething, forced to heel to Warrior!Xander. Um, yeah.

(By the way, when I tried to google a proper name for that Monty Python bunny, I stumbled across the Horrifically Honest Guide to Fanfiction Terms, which--at a glance--looked very amusing. I do love glossaries.)

I hate that I will never have time enough to write even half of the fun shit that flits through my head. You'd think I might craft a five-year plan of fiction, but sadly, I know that by the time I got around to implementing fantasy #1254 on my schedule, my creative enthusiasm for Fandom X would have waned and I'd be on Fandom Y, lusting after some new beloved sex object. For all I know, come 2010, I'll be writing for an anime fandom and chronicling the love of cybernetic dolphins.

Dude. That's not even a *stretch*.

Am gritting my teeth and getting a fair amount of work done today. It's painful. And I need to eat something. I'm also incredibly frustrated by my lust to consume certain stories that are not being written--and fuck, it's not always satisfying to write them myself. Writing for yourself is autoerotic cannibalism. Besides, see above. There just isn't enough time. I'd *do* it if I could. Write. All. The. Time. But when I check the help-wanted ads, for some reason I see no listings for, "FT fan-fiction writer. Choose your own subj matter. Work from home. Flex time. 50k a year."



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