Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Do not employ handsome servants.

That's your Chinese proverb of the day.

Things I have learned recently:
  • Snap peas @ $3.50 a bag are a rip; you eat a whole bag and are hungrier than when you started.
  • If you worry at a glass ring on your finger, your skin will be polished right off.
  • Nose rings just aren't for all noses, though maybe I'll try again some day with a gold stud.
  • It *does* get easier to give up sugary foods.
  • It might be possible to use weight machines without a trainer whipping you on, if you take a year or so to get the hang of it.

  • It's actually been six sugar-free days now--I'd miscounted when I reported on this before. The only sugar-heavyish things I'm eating are jam and fruit.

    I have gone from being yappy on LJ to being distractedly quiet. Each day I keep having a mild reflex to post, then realize I really have nothing to say. This is blather scraped up from my brain-pan.

    Books: I'm reading Patricia Cornwell. Her stuff sometimes rubs me the wrong way--I sense a lot of authorial presence I'd rather not be privy too--but she can be perfect junk-food reading. I also have new books from Lee Child and Denise Mina waiting on my shelf.

    Music: I've been retreating into my headphones lately at work. After a month of this, I'm sick of every song on my player. I need new stuff, but when it comes to musical taste, I feel out of synch with most people who post MP3s. I'm very mild-pop, middle-of-the-road--like, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Sarah McLachlan, Paul Simon, Nickelback, Joni Mitchell, Jack Johnson, Chris Isaak, Matchbox 20, Super 8, etc. I do like some things that are edgier and more obscure, but it's usually just chance songs that strike the right chord, rather than the entire body of work of a band or artist. Anyway. If anyone wants to offer up any tracks for me to try, I'd love it and be grateful.

    Video: I bought a bunch of low-brow videos over the weekend, but find myself rewatching MST3K instead. The Final Sacrifice just never gets old. Rowsdower.

    And now I go to work out.
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